Real Estate Investment: Aylmer, Ottawa and their assets

Every investor’s wish is to ensure a short, medium and long-term return on their investment. Les Habitations Bouladier’s real estate projects offer this peace of mind. Our very competitive pricing makes them a top choice. In addition, our team of specialists can offer you personalized assistance and support in your real estate investment process, which greatly facilitates your application for financing.

If you consider diversifying your portfolio with a real estate investment, the timing is perfect to invest in Aylmer. This growing sector of Gatineau continues to attract residents based upon an excellent quality of life with a balance of commerce, recreation, and easy access to downtown Gatineau/Hull and Ottawa. The members of our team will also be pleased to offer you personalized assistance in all the steps related to your real estate investment.

Be mindful that not all investments are alike. The lifestyle of Aylmer residents can vary according to the proximity of the city, green spaces and the river. In the vicinity of Les Habitations Bouladier real estate projects, families, youth and seniors have a wide range of choices: world-class restaurants, waterfront activities, bike paths and all kinds of entertainment that are typical of a prime destination. Don’t be surprised to see your units quickly rented by tenants from Ottawa, the Outaouais or elsewhere!

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The Connaught project: only 2.5 km from the Champlain Bridge

Quartier Connaught offers a great option to potential tenants. Studies show that one of the main criteria for tenant satisfaction in the region is the travel time between home and work. The proximity to the Champlain Bridge therefore represents a huge competitive advantage for people wishing to reduce the time spent commuting to work. In fact, it is possible to cross the Ottawa River into the city of Ottawa in just a few minutes!

By investing in the Quartier Connaught, you are addressing one of the major needs of potential tenants.


Quartier Connaught: a profitable real estate investment in the Outaouais

Attention all investors: focusing your investment on real estate in the Quartier Connaught, you are investing wisely because of the short, medium and long-term benefits. The Quartier Connaught des Les Habitations Bouladier is an innovative project that offers three important advantages not only for investors, but also for potential tenants:

  1. Profitability;
  2. Services;
  3. Proximity to Ottawa and Hull.

As a result, we estimate that a large portion of the tenants will come from Ottawa, due to proximity to Aylmer, lower monthly payments and quality of construction. By targeting rental customers in Ottawa, the Outaouais or elsewhere, Les Habitations Bouladier ensures that it has a unique target audience.

With all the listed features, you offer your potential tenants modern one or two-bedroom units in a prime location. Located near a school, daycare centre and park, these units provide easy and quick access to downtown Hull and Ottawa thanks to the many routes offered by the STO bus network.

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