Hipik: a modern urban life

Hipik proposed a new concept of condo-style garden houses. These very spacious 2-floor units with 2 or 3 bedrooms offered an area ranging from 1380 to 1440 square feet and a modern and avant-garde look. Located near a school, a daycare centre, bike paths and one of the largest parks in the Aylmer sector, Hipik’s condo style garden houses are ideal for urban living!

In addition, Hipik has the same eco-friendly and energy-efficient construction standards as the houses in the Quartier Connaught. These cosy houses were built according to Novoclimat standards.


Les Terrasses des vignobles: close to nature

The Terrasses des Vignobles experience is spacious, bright, modern and energy-efficient condos. Located at the prestigious Domaine des Vignobles in Gatineau, in the Aylmer sector, near the Ottawa River, on the edge of a wooded area and a magnificent bicycle path, Les Terrasses des Vignobles condos combine the beauty of nature with the impeccable architecture of new buildings.


Quartier Connaught: an eco-neighbourhood

There are several definitions of an eco-district, depending on where you are located, but there is general agreement that such a development is designed and built in a way that respects the environment and the needs of its residents. By providing commercial, community and transportation services, it encourages active transportation, improves neighbourhood life and facilitates socialization.

The houses in this eco-friendly project are mainly made of ecological and healthy building materials. They meet the eco-responsible criteria of Les Habitations Bouladier, established for every aspect of the construction: foundations and basement, carpentry, floor coverings, interior finishing, building mechanics, or exterior finishing.

Finally, this residential project offers various models of single-family houses, semi-detached houses, townhouses, multiple unit residential buildings and condos designed with the environment in mind and with a concern for the comfort and health of the people who live there.